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Council of All Beings
Deep Ecology

A troubling picture is emerging on the impact of the human footprint on earth's living systems. Right now with every step we take we are destroying the world. The rubber on the soles of our shoes contains toxins that are left behind in tiny amounts with every step we take. But even a small harmful act when repeated on a global scale can become a tragedy.

Whenever you open a newspaper, watch television or other media, it is the talk of the day that the Earth seems to be in danger. Whether it is during casual conversations at a cocktail party or in the ads of many companies you hear it everywhere. A recent issue of a local Dutch newspaper had a full page photo of Earth and just this one question: “Are we too late?”

Of course for many people this brings up deep feelings.

More about Deep Ecology

To learn more about Deep Ecology, the field of study that the Council of all Beings comes from, we offer a couple of very interesting websites of founders of the field.

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Council of All Beings

The Council of All Beings is a very powerful experience that will help you deal with the feelings you have and create a strong and new connection to planet Earth.

The Council of All Beings is a series of interactive rituals created by John Seed and Joanna Macy to help end the sense of alienation from the living Earth that many of us feel. This workshop will renew the spirit and vision of those who serve the Earth and connect participants with deep sources of joy and inspiration.

New dates for this 2 day workshop will be announced!

Workshop in collaboration with Suzanne Duarte (USA) and Dearbhaile Bradley (UK)

download folder  >>>

download folder Nederlands >>>

download the process description >>>